New video found of man who died in Raleigh police custody

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) -- Raleigh Police revealed Monday that additional video has been discovered in connection with the January 11 in-custody-death of a 32-year-old Raleigh man.

Police said the video shows Mangum sitting on the sidewalk at the scene of the vehicle stop in the 400 block of Rose Lane, before he is taken by officers to the South-East District Station.

A preliminary report from the Raleigh Police Department said Curtis Mangum had a torn plastic bag in his stomach at the time of his death.

This surveillance image shows Curtis Mangum being helped to a waiting stretcher for treatment.

Police said Mangum appeared to exhibit signs of "medical distress" after officers took him into custody following a traffic stop the night of January 10 after the arrest on drug-related charges.

The video was captured by the Mobile Video Recording (MVR) equipment inside a check-in officer's vehicle as he was transporting another suspect.

The new video was not immediately released.

Mangum was one of four people in a car that was stopped by police.

Police released the new information as an addendum to the five-day report..

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"The new Body Worn Camera technology and tagging protocol will ensure more efficient means to determining where video exists, identification and retrieval of video, and how it is managed," Raleigh Police said in a release.
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