Must-See Videos: Mysterious light sparks speculation

A mysterious light, a gator, a bunch of grapes worth thousands of dollars, and a dog afraid of a feather is all part of ABC11 must-see video.

A mysterious light was caught on camera over a Mexican volcano.

In a webcam video, you can see a bright light streak across the sky right over the Colima volcano.

The object was recorded last Saturday.

The webcam operator said he doesn't know what the light is, but it didn't take long for speculation to begin - many calling the object an UFO to one website's far-fetched claim that ancient Aztecs who live in the area were descendants of aliens who now live inside the volcano.


A gator was spotted not in a lake in Florida, but the Passaic River in New Jersey!

A fisherman notified police after spotting the gator sunbathing along the bank in a local park Wednesday.

Wildlife officers stepped in and wrangled in the 40-pound reptile, who wasn't too happy.

Police say the animal was likely placed in the water illegally.

For now he's calling a plastic container home as agents look for a zoo or educational center to take it.

$8,000 GRAPES

Look at what might just be the most expensive bunch of grapes ever.

They just sold for $8,200 - that's $315 per berry!

The record-setting Ruby Roman grapes was the highest priced at an auction in Japan Thursday, smashing a previous record of $4,000 set last year.

It took 14 years to develop the variety that features high sugar content and large grapes that weigh three-quarters of an ounce each and are the size of a ping-pong ball.
The grapes will be served as a dessert for a dinner course Thursday night at a hotel in Kanazawa.


This dog might not be afraid of its own shadow, but a feather has her shaking like a leaf!

Watch as the scared pooch approaches the feather in her backyard in Kansas, sniffing at it several times before jumping back, growling all the while.

This goes on for a few minutes. At one time Ruby gets brave enough to pick up the feather, but quickly drops it.

Her owner steps in at one point, holding the feather up for the skittish pup to inspect, but that doesn't ease her fear.

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