Scammers use fake package delivery texts, emails in latest trick to get your credit card information

Thanks to package thieves, getting an alert about a package being delivered is helpful, but scammers are also capitalizing on it.

An ABC11 viewer sent us a text that claims it's from the US Postal Service and states a mechanical failure delayed their shipment.

All they had to do to re-schedule their delivery was click on the link in the text message. The problem, when you click on the link, it takes you to a copycat site that looks very similar to the US Postal Service, but it's not.

The site asks for a $1 fee to redeliver the package, and that's where the scam comes in if you put your credit card information in, it's now in the wrong hands.

Besides that bogus text, there is also a scam email that is making the rounds to inboxes.

It appears to be from UPS, but instead, it's scammers posing as the delivery company, claiming no one was home to deliver the package. The email claims it needs an address confirmation to re-confirm delivery.

These emails and texts are all scams, in which they are hoping you put in your payment information or click on the links.

The best advice is to never click on any links in an email or text from someone you don't know. If you do, never fill out any information on that site or provide payment information as you could just be giving it to hackers.
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