Some Raleigh businesses seeing boost from Pokemon Go

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Monday, August 22, 2016
Some downtown Raleigh businesses seeing boost from Pokemon Go players
Some businesses in downtown are seeing an increase due to players of the popular game

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Some downtown Raleigh businesses are seeing an increase in sales thanks to Pokemon Go players trying to 'catch 'em all.'

Raleigh's Nash Square in particular is getting a lot more visitors because of its high concentration of Pokestops -- a vital place to get in-game items and supplies.

Many of the players are stopping by shops and restaurants. Over the last month, Berkeley Cafe on West Martin Street has seen a 25 percent increase in business.

"The weekend it came out we noticed it immediately. Parents love coming in, getting a beer while the kids get a Pokepop and a water and rest up. It's been really good for business," said Berkeley Cafe bartender Justin Sorrell.

'Pokepops' are what the cafe calls their freeze pops. They said they saw so many families playing, they started stocking the pops.

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