WATCH: Pollen billows through Tennessee forest, makes trees 'look like they're on fire'

WOODBURY, TN (WTVD) -- Think the pollen is making your eyes itchy and your nose runny now? Wait until you see this video.

An officer with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency saw something he couldn't believe. So he pulled out his phone and started recording.

The officer's camera pans up to show trees off in the distance and what looks like smoke billowing across the horizon.

But it is not smoke.

"That's pollen coming off these cedar trees," Officer mark Vance said. "Look at that! Wow! They look like they're on fire but they're releasing pollen right there. Craziest thing I've ever seen. I've seen them turn loose but not all in unison like this."

NC pollen count sky high with dry, warm week ahead

Vance filmed the allergy sufferer's nightmare on March 25 in Cannon County, which is located southeast of Nashville.

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