Video shows woman's racist rant toward Latino dog walker in California

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Tuesday, August 18, 2020
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A San Francisco man is speaking out, along with prominent members of the Bay Area community after he and another Latino man were targets of a woman's racist rant.

SAN FRANCISCO -- A San Francisco man said he and another Latino man were targets of a woman's racist rant, that even escalated to target a dog.

The hate-filled tirade was recorded by Stanley Gonzalez on Sunday after witnessing a woman's aggressive and racially-charged rant toward a Latino man walking his dog.

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"She turned around and started screaming racial slurs like 'Oh your dog looks like you, a Mexican dog!'" Gonzalez said, shaking his head.

That's when he knew he had to spring into action.

"For me, I've seen too much with what's going on with the nation...I felt like it was my duty, something just snapped to defend this man."

After checking to see if the man was OK, Gonzalez kept walking down the street to where his car was parked. That's when he discovered the same woman, waiting for him. Her shouts quickly directed at him.

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"Nasty Mexican dog, nasty Mexican dog!" the woman can be heard screaming over and over again, along with expletives and other derogatory terms for nearly a minute in a video that has since gone viral, receiving about a million views on Twitter.

The incident which happened along the San Francisco/Daly City border where Gonzalez lives even prompted Daly City's vice mayor to speak up and condemn the incident.

Vice Mayor Juslyn Manolo, issued a statement saying, "We stand united against hate, and our communities will not tolerate this type of behavior. This is unacceptable."

Meantime those on social media praise Gonzalez's handling of what happened. When ABC7 News Anchor Dion Lim asked how he managed to stay so calm and composed despite the aggression toward him, Gonzalez cited his strong belief in God.

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"I didn't want to stoop down to her level. I just told her...I'll bless you and we'll leave it at that," Gonzalez said.

He has this message of encouragement to anybody who finds themselves in the same situation.

"Don't let all these people who are filled with hate and anger just get away with it. Let your words be known!"

Inquires into the Daly City Police Department about the incident were not answered by the deadline for this story.