Raleigh churches partner with Food Bank of North Carolina to feed hundreds in need

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Saturday, May 2, 2020
Churches partner with Food Bank to feed hundreds in need
With so many experiencing food insecurity, a Raleigh church and a local Food Bank stepped up to fill the need within the community.

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Saturday's beautiful weather brought many people out of their homes for some fresh air. But others who spent weeks indoors with little or no income due to coronavirus concerns need more than that to feel whole. Some now struggle to feed their families while job opportunities fade or dry up.

That's why a steady stream of cars rolled through St. Ambrose Episcopal Church where the rector, Jemonde Taylor, told ABC11, "We're partnering with the Food Bank of North Carolina as well as First Baptist Church, to feed hundreds of people in this time of need."


"You see volunteers, who are placing food in boxes. Every car that comes up will receive one box, full of food. Chicken, eggs, pineapple, drinks," he said, watching the food distribution. "So many things that people need during this time."

That need growing with each day COVID cautions disrupt regular routine.

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"We're simply offering our parking lot, tables, and human power, human resource power, to make a difference. This is something that all churches and religious institutions can do," said the rector. "St. Ambrose is a beacon of light for the community. And we exist, not only for our own family but for those outside. We as an organization are not primarily concerned with our own well being but the well being of the community and the citizens of Raleigh."