'Unbearable.' Moore County couple use coolers after runaround on under warranty refrigerator

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Friday, May 26, 2023
Moore County woman stops living out of coolers, gets new fridge
A Moore County couple had to use a cooler and mini refrigerator to keep their food cool, despite having less than a year-old refrigerator.

A Moore County couple had to use a cooler and mini refrigerator to keep their food cold despite having less than a year-old refrigerator.

When it comes to new appliances, you expect it to last. When it doesn't, you want a quick repair. However for Anita Seawell, she says she was frustrated waiting for a repair, and then a replacement.

Seawell bought a new refrigerator Seawell in March of 2022 from Sears Town and Country Hometown store. Shortly after buying it, the ice maker went out. Since it was under warranty, she says technicians did attempt to repair it, but it could never be fixed.

She dealt with that issue, but within a year of buying it, the refrigerator started making a loud noise. A noise that she says would go on for hours.

"It was unbearable. There was one night it's about 6:30 and it did not hush until 3:30 the next morning," Seawell adds.

Since the appliance was still under the manufacturer's warranty, plus she paid for an extended warranty through Sears, a technician was sent to her home. She adds, "He checked it and he ordered parts. He said it needed four parts." The problem continued when she says not all the parts came in.

"They basically said it cannot be fixed."

Seawell says she tried to be patient with Sears but grew frustrated waiting for a working refrigerator. "It's just gotten so aggravating and you don't, you really can't get any response. I don't know what else to do. We were frustrated and I didn't know where else to turn," Seawell said to ABC11 Troubleshooter Diane Wilson.

Troubleshooter got in touch with Sears. A representative provided this statement, "At Sears, the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. When Ms. Seawell contacted us through the Troubleshooter, we had already authorized for her to receive a replacement under the terms of her manufacturer's warranty for her refrigerator purchased in March of 2022. After we reached out to her, we were able to assist her in selecting her replacement and she chose the model that she felt would work best for her space. This has since been delivered and it is our understanding she is satisfied with her new refrigerator. We are pleased we were able to resolve this issue for her."

Seawell is happy with her new refrigerator and glad the wait is over. After Wilson's involvement, Seawell says Sears also refunded her more than$1,000 for the extended warranty she never got to use, plus the new refrigerator did not have an ice maker as her original one did.

When it comes to new appliances and repairs, it's key to document each problem and report it right away if it's under warranty.

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The Person County Fire Marshall said there was no evidence of an electrical fire or anything else in the house causing the event, saying whatever happened came from the refrigerator.

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