ABC11's Big Weather tracking Santa with help from NORAD

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015
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Every year there is a new website or app introduced that claims to "track Santa" on his worldwide journey. I'm sure they all use great technology, but for me the Gold Standard for Santa Tracking is the North American Aerospace Defense Command, better known as NORAD.

They're the folks that track planes, and missiles, so following the Jolly Old Elf is a piece of cake. And in their 60th year they just keep getting better.

I remember as a kid waiting up in my grandparent's living room, listening to the radio, and hearing live reports on where Santa was on the Earth. As I got older, I could actually call NORAD and talk to a real Air Force Tech Sergeant to hear where Santa was - Amazing!

Today, their website, and app, continues their work, and draws millions with videos of the Jolly Elf flying by different wonders around the world. It's where I'll be tracking Santa all day long on ABC11 this Christmas Eve day. If you want to head there early, there's still lots to do with games and videos. The website is

By the way, you can still do it the old fashioned way and call (or Skype) with a live service person. The phone number is: 1-877-HI NORAD. A word of advice, call earlier in the day. It gets hard to get through as Santa gets closer to the East Coast!