Scam Alert: BBB warns about fake events, tickets this summer

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Tuesday, June 20, 2023
Scam Alert: BBB warning about fake events and tickets for summer
The Better Business Bureau says scammers finding ways to take advantage of those looking to get out and about this summer with fake events.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- There are a lot of great events planned for the summer, but before you spend your money, make sure the events are real. The Better Business Bureau issued a warning about scammers finding ways to take advantage of those of us looking to get out and about this summer with fake events.

The BBB is warning not only about fake events but events that don't live up to the hype advertised on social media. ABC11 has shown you several events like this. One was a hot air balloon festival that advertised it was happening in Efland. Instead at the last minute, the event was canceled. Dozens of ticketholders reached out after not being able to get refunds. While we were able to get some of the ticketholders their money back, others say they never got refunds.

Another case involved what was advertised at the ultimate male strip club in Raleigh. After spending close to $500 on tickets, a group of Wake County women showed up at the venue, and no sign of anything happening. After our involvement, the women got a full refund.

This is why you need to do your research before paying any money. Nick Hill with the BBB of Eastern NC says, "See if you can find social media for the event, find a working website and the most important thing is to see if they have working contact information." Another tip is to Google the event to see what others are saying about past experiences and if there were any problems. Also, make sure the website is secure with the lock symbol in the address bar. For the best protection, always pay with a credit card, that way you can dispute the charges if the event doesn't happen.