Customers say popular online shop not fulfilling orders

ByDiane Wilson and Catherine Chestnutt WTVD logo
Monday, December 18, 2017
Customers say popular online shop not fulfilling orders
Complaints are piling up against a popular online business that advertises on Facebook and Instagram.

Complaints are piling up against a popular online business that advertises on Facebook and Instagram.

The company in question is Liv Luv Shop, LLC. It's a Florida based company that sells clothing and accessories with catchy phrases.

More than a dozen customers have filed complaints with me. Many placed orders and paid for the merchandise but weeks, even in some cases months, they say they still don't have what they ordered.

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Brittany Jackson Lockamy from Hope Mills says she's frustrated after she paid for three items but only got one. "The ad on Instagram said it was a fast ship item, it was in stock and it would be shipping immediately," Brittany said.

Jackson ordered a pajama set and sweatshirt. The only item she says she got from the order was the pajama top. The other two items still haven't arrived, weeks after ordering. She says she contacted the company several times.

"I got one email response back and it was from someone named Kaylee who works there and she said the one item would be mailed out that week and that was 3 weeks ago. I asked for a tracking number and didn't hear anything back," Jackson added.

Customers from all over the country have contacted me with similar complaints.

Brianna Sotelo, from Michigan, placed her order back in September for a t-shirt, which she says still has yet to arrive. "I placed my order on September 18th and immediately my bank account was charged. I have emailed the company several times with no response," said Brianna.

Elizabeth Dufner from Pennsylvania was charged $70 for four items, of which, she says she's only received two. She says she's tried contacting the company several times, but no response.

If you visit the Better Business Bureau's website, Liv Luv Shop has received an F for an overall rating.

In the last year, according to the BBB 628 complaints have been filed and the majority relate to delivery issues and problems with the products or service. According to the BBB, Jordann Weingartner is the manager of the Liv Luv Shop, LLC, and that name is also the manager of I Love Jewelry Auctions, which sells monogrammed jewelry and accessories.

The BBB has also given I Love Jewelry Auctions an F rating and the company also faced action by the State of Florida Office of the Attorney General.

I tried to contact the Liv Luv Shop, via email and Facebook but did not get a response. When shopping online, remember to do a quick google search of the company and use the BBB's website to check for reviews and complaints before you place your order.