Troubleshooter: Be wary of discount gift cards

Discounted gift cards to major retailers sounds like a win-win, but there's a catch.

Big retailers offer a large number of product choices, which is why many people opt to give and receive gift cards.

Now, there are new websites offering discounted gift cards.

"The gift card would be worth $50, but you could buy it for say $40," said U.S. Postal Inspector Eleanor Berry.

However, not all of these offers are legitimate. In fact, postal inspectors say one website asked for payment via the mail and never sent the cards out.

"I know there are like some major retailers who do sell discounted gift cards but you're actually going to a reputable store and purchasing them, which give you more security than buying it online," Berry said.

Inspectors said 100 victims lost $155,000 through the one bogus site, which has since been taken down.

Postal inspectors have some simple advice: do your research.

"There were a lot of complaints that if someone had done an internet search, they would have realized that there were a lot of particular complaints about this company," Berry said.

Two men were arrested in connection with this case.

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