Troubleshooter: Man says new boat wasn't shipshape

BENSON, NC (WTVD) -- When he bought his first boat, Tim Lee was looking forward to taking his family out on the water, but it wasn't long before he started to notice the boat had a few problems.

"While we had it out on the lake, we noticed one of the swivel chairs wouldn't come up," he said.

The boat was under warranty, so Tim took it back to Bass Pro Shops for a repair. Unfortunately, Tim said that repair just led to more problems.

"While they had it, somehow the swivel seat, when it was pulled up, damaged the left front rail on the boat," he said.

Bass Pro did replace the rail, but Tim said that caused another problem, this time with the boat cover.

"We've already put the snaps on. Everything is fine," he said. "So we get home, I put my cover on, and there were snaps off at least two inches, snaps missing."

The snaps didn't line up properly and some were missing.

The snaps didn't line up properly and some were missing.

Tim said he took the boat back to Bass Pro again to fix that issue but it led to even more problems.

"[There's] a dent right, here a dent right here," he said. "There were just dings and scratches all over the place."

Unhappy with the lack of care given to his boat, Tim reached out to me and I got in touch with Bass Pro.

One of the company's representatives said that they service boats regularly and that it's very unique that they would have an issue, as they are very customer service oriented. He also said they have been working with Tim and will continue to work with him until he is happy.

As for Tim's boat, Bass Pro bought the boat back and refunded Tim the money from his protection plan. They also gave him his down payment back.

"I think without you guys that I would be back where I was to start with," Tim said. "WTVD 11 and Diane Wilson Troubleshooters really helped."

Tim said he already bought a new boat for his family and they've been out enjoying it.

Tim's advice to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation is to document every repair and change the company makes.

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