Goldsboro homeowner gets surprise as snake sets off doorbell camera

GOLDSBORO, N.C. (WTVD) -- A Goldsboro homeowner got quite a surprise when a Ring doorbell notification showed her a scaly visitor was slithering at her door.

A snake was captured on the video doorbell making its way up the exterior of the home and even stuck its head in from of the doorbell camera.

Ring shared the video after the homeowner submitted the footage.

"The Ring App told me 'someone was at my door,' and when I opened the app, I was shocked to see a snake," the homeowner told Ring. "I had a chair on my porch that was set to be picked up and I think it was in there."

It's a good reminder that it's snake season. To keep snakes out of your home, make sure entry points are well-sealed and also maintain areas around your home and yard to make them less appealing to snakes.

Bryan Smith, the owner and operator of Advanced Wildlife Removal L.L.C., has more advice and tips to protect your family from harmful snakes and determine what snakes are harmless.
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