Want to get in front? Driver uses rock-paper-scissors game to settle request in Houston's traffic

HOUSTON, Texas (WTVD) -- From streaking down the highway, proposing to your significant other to brawls causing a traffic backup, some wild things have happened on Houston's roadways.

Have you ever heard of drivers playing rock-paper-scissors to decide who goes ahead in a lane?

Well, it happened Saturday -- and of course -- during Houston's rush-hour traffic.

Marco Sanchez says he was stuck in traffic and wanted to make other drivers "smile and have a little fun."

"So I saw this guy trying to cut in for some few minutes and no one was letting him go by," Sanchez said. "So I decided to give another challenge before I let him go by."

The video posted on Sanchez's Facebook page has been shared over 35,000 times.

"I'm still shocked," he said. "I never expected this to go viral."

Sanchez added that he appreciates the other driver for going along with the game.
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