'Man in the white truck': Fayetteville street evangelist serves others in need for over 40 years

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- A Fayetteville street evangelist, known as Father Ramsey, has spent most of his 71 years of life serving others in need.

For many people in the Fayetteville community, Bill Ramsey is also known as the "man in the white truck".

"Most of them know him by his truck or by his food, bags," Sharman Tober said.

Tober and her son Chris have been living out of their vehicle for the last five years.

In that time, Father Ramsey has become a beacon of light and a provider of good conversations.

Servanthood has always been a part of Ramsey's life.

"Five days a week, and if I don't have another obligation, I go every day and collect the food," Ramsey said.

When he was a teenager, he spent his teenage years in Winston-Salem doing street evangelism, eventually making his way to Fayetteville.

There, Ramsey joined Manna Church and continued his mission.

"I'd rather, most days, just go sit on a street corner and talk with people than with your normal, everyday friend," Ramsey added.

The street minister gets some help with organized outreaches with Manna Church, along with leftover food and clothing being provided by local businesses and restaurants.

But those items of clothing and warm meals come at a price which include: singing him a song, reading one of your original poems or a heart-felt, genuine conversation.

"Care for people to spend quality time with them, where they live, not where I live," Ramsey said.

Whenever you see Ramsey walking around downtown Fayetteville, he's looking to talk with his friends.

"A good friend, a good spiritual adviser. We advise each other, you know, which is really good," Tober said.
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