South Shore Drill Team entertaining crowds for over 40 years, including Obama, Chance the Rapper

CHICAGO -- The South Shore Drill Team has been entertaining crowds for over 40 years.

Founded in 1980, the team has been using performing arts as a way to engage Chicago's youth.

Drill Team member Cardell Cora has benefited from the organization, saying, "I've gained more discipline. I learned how to control myself better. I'm learning more and more responsibility and how to take accountability for my actions."

The team has won numerous awards, traveled all over the world and even performed for President Barack Obama and Chance the Rapper.

"Anyone watching the South Shore Drill Team would see months and months of practice. And they'll see precision. They'll see passion. They'll see excitement," Board President Jazmin Cheefus said.

Drill Team member William Lamb shares his excitement, "When you're on the street and you're feeling the crowd, they're cheering for you, the music's playing, like you're in your own zone. You just feel alive."

"I just hope that things keep moving forward and the team continues to grow and be here for another 40 years," Special Events and Media Coordinator Stella Natufe said.

For more on the South Shore Drill Team or ways to donate, visit their website