County seeks solutions for Spring Lake residents without water

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Friday, June 1, 2018
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Residents frustrated being without running water for three weeks

SPRING LAKE, NC (WTVD) -- It's now been three weeks without running water for residents living in a Spring Lake mobile home park. Residents have been asked to leave their homes and now the county is trying to offer up resources to frustrated residents.

During the last three days, the county has held information sessions for frustrated residents living here in Garden Grove. They've been left wondering what's next and where will they go?

"I just feel like the last resort should be for us to leave our homes. That should be the last resort and that seems like it's the first," said resident Aneca Glover.

She is one of several residents who live in the Garden Grove community who attended Thursday night's information session.

Representatives from Community Development, Social Services and Environmental Health were all on hand to provide resources. They've had no running water for three weeks and then a bombshell notice asking them to leave their homes.

The landowner still has a water bill backlog of more than $60,000.

"We believe the landowner was telling us to turn the water off to repair it, but we don't think he was doing that. He would say turn it off, we need to repair it and then say it was repaired. That would cause water hammering and basically cause the pipes to rip open," said Spring Lake town manager Daniel Gerald.

"These people need to be held responsible. Somebody needs to find out who these landowners are. You just can't run like that and then you just cannot be found. No one can figure out anything about you," said Glover.

Cumberland County is planning to serve a notice of violation to the owners of the property. From there, they hope to have more answers for residents.