Most camps are closed, but some places are ready for kids to play

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Monday, June 15, 2020
Most camps are closed, but some places are ready for kids to play
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Most camps are closed, but some places are ready for kids to play

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- It's the first full week without school and it's raining. Not exactly conducive to sending kids outside to play.

Many camps are closed because of COVID-19, leaving parents without a ton of options, but there are a few out there.

For some parents, Netsports in Cary is a shining beacon on this darkened day.

"Now that it's open, we've had a huge response. In fact, our camp is completely full, General Manager Kathy Lawson said. Originally, people were hesitant."

Justifiably so. With a deadly virus going around parents want to be ensured of a safe environment before leaving their children in a confined space all day.

Along with the standard mask, distance and sanitizer precautions we know all too well, Netsports is minimizing any physical contact.

"The games are no-contact games that they play. They won't be playing dodge ball or tag games this summer," Lawson said. "And when you get here, you're assigned a ball and that's your ball for the day and then when they leave, we disinfect the ball so just things you would never think of before."

The camp is operating at about half of last year's capacity to keep the child-to-counselor ratio under 10.

Manager Jordan Dickerson said they were caught off guard by the amount of interest.

"I've had mostly, 'hey, can you take my kid we're ready to get him active, we're ready to get him out of the house. We're ready for him to be around some children, we're ready for him to have some fun and get back to some normal,' if you will," Dickerson said. "Oh, it's incredibly important. Parents have to work, as I am here, and you have to make sure your kids are taken care of."

Not every parent is so keen to take the risk and would prefer to keep their children home. Lawson said she has spoken with concerned parents, and they are accommodating them as well.

"Majority of the parents that aren't sending them, we offer them a credit for the future, and they are home with their kids and working from home. so, they don't have the need," Lawson said.

One parent had three various camps lined up for her children. All were canceled. Thankfully, there are a few places, such as Netsports, to turn to for parents who are desperate.