Freddie Highmore, Hill Harper talk return of 'The Good Doctor' on ABC

NEW YORK -- "The Good Doctor" returned Monday on ABC, and fans are waiting to find out, what is the status of Shaun and Lea's relationship?

"I feel like the second half of the season is figuring out what their situation is going to be," said Freddie Highmore, "Dr. Shaun Murphy."

As excited as viewers are to learn the outcome of their relationship, the one between Andrews and Salen is getting a lot of hate. Viewers have been outspoken about Salen's policies at the hospital.

"She's obviously an intelligent, beautiful, highly accomplished woman, so why would people hate her so much I don't understand," said Hill Harper, "Dr. Marcus Andrews."

"Hill's obviously spent too long playing Dr. Andrews," Highmore said.

One of those policies led to expired medicine being given to a baby that passed away right before the winter break, and now Shaun and the other doctors involved have to fight back.

"We do pick up in the immediate aftermath of the baby dying and that certainly takes us into the second half of the season, the repercussions from that," Highmore said. "The show is always a little bit about hope and even in these most awful moments it finds things that are hopeful that we can cling onto that move us towards a better, happier future."

One thing remains a common thread throughout the show from the beginning, the medical situations continue to amaze.

"Both of my parents were physicians, they met in medical school, so I have a great deal of respect for the medical profession, I have a great deal of respect for the fact that we get to play people that I consider to be heroes," Harper said.

Don't miss the return of "The Good Doctor" tonight at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.
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