UNC students react to deadly on-campus shooting at UNLV

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Thursday, December 7, 2023
Students at UNC react to deadly shooting at UVLV
Students at UNC share feelings and emotions following a deadly shooting at the University of Nevada, las Vegas campus Wednesday.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WTVD) -- The deadly shooting at the University of Nevada Las Vegas on Wednesday has stirred up some upsetting feelings for students at UNC Chapel Hill who recently went through a similar ordeal.

"It brought up a lot of emotions when we were sheltered in place," said Rachel Haugen, a sophomore at the university.

"I can really feel for those students because it's really hard to go through all that. It really bought it all up again," she continued.

We met Haugen, on Wednesday night after she cheered on the women's basketball team tonight. Hayden was with her friend Anna Underwood who is still dealing with the emotions from August, when UNC went into a Code Red Lockdown for threat of an active shooter on campus.

A professor was shot and killed and a former student was charged with his death.

"It's been difficult. There have been some adjustments that had to take place. A new normal. Thinking of your surroundings a little bit more," said Underwood.

The college junior said following a campus shooting things are tough but leaning on each other helps. Underwood said UNLV students should do the same to lift each other up.

"We were together for that lockdown in my room and I think the best thing was my mom that night came to take us to dinner and it was just good to get out," she reflected.

"I just wanted to sit in my dorm and she was the same way. So it's just knowing you have a support system. I feel like is the best way to go about it," Underwood continued.

Justice Haygood said UNLV students will be understandably shocked and scared. They will need time."Time is the best resource with something like this," said Haygood.

It's time she feels she didn't get after UNC's campus shooting.

"We don't have the time we really need to cope and handle things because if you ask me if me and my school are over it. We are not. And there was another one that just happened so it keeps piling up "