Wake County school board approves changes to align with 'Parents' Bill of Rights'

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Wednesday, December 20, 2023
Wake school board OKs changes to align with 'Parents' Bill of Rights'
The district had until Jan. 1 to align with the new state law giving parents more control of what their children learn and hear in school.

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- The Wake County School Board meeting on Tuesday night had several key items on the agenda.

At the top of that list was updating the district's parental involvement policy.

The board approved changes to the policy that now aligns with the Parents' Bill of Rights.

The new law that was passed late summer requires schools to notify parents if their child wants to change how their name is addressed or use pronouns.

The district had until Jan. 1 to align with the new state law.

The law also bans teaching sexuality and gender identity for kindergarten through fourth grade.

Wake school leaders have maintained that those topics were not currently taught at that grade level under the current curriculum.

The provisions of Wake's policy include guides for academic achievements for children. Parents will have access to review instructional material, including textbooks and library books.

School staffers will promptly notify parents whether they suspect any criminal offense has been committed against their children.

In the past few months, the board also approved additional policies that kept the district in line with the Parents' Bill of Rights.

Parents and others who showed up at Tuesday night's meeting shared their thoughts on the policy changes.

One mom said the policy didn't go far enough.

"What are you doing about K-4 access to gender ideology materials? Why do you call for parent training? Please vote no on this policy tonight so that appropriate changes can be in line with the Parents' Bill of Rights," said Julie Page, founder of Moms for Liberty Wake County.

Others called the law dangerous and challenging for teachers.

The rollout of the policy provisions isn't quite clear -- but should be better defined as the next semester begins in January.