Are you a woman in your 30s? Here's what you need to know about your health

As women, we take care of everything from our homes to our families and jobs, but we often neglect our own needs -- specifically our health.

Here's what women in their 30s should be doing to make sure they stay healthy:


Women in their 30s should be getting an annual exam. As women we know we need it, but often put it off.

"That typically consists of a breasts exam and a pelvic exam. We're typically doing cervical cancer screening every three to five years depending on the risk factors" said WakeMed OBGYN Dr. Chantel Roedner.


Roedner said women in their 30s should also be doing breast exams at home.

"I think it's always best to know what your own breasts feel like," she said. "Do an exam to identify what could be changing in your breast tissue."


Many women in their 30s are having their first babies, but for some, getting pregnant can be harder than expected.

"As a woman is getting into her mid- to late-30s, she may find that her ovulation is a bit more problematic or she's not having as regular menstrual cycles as she starts to age, so we start thinking about those problems around the mid-30s," Roedner said.


While 30-somethings are often juggling demanding jobs and busy homes, Dr. Tehmina Adnan said now is the time to learn to manage the stress that comes with the territory. Stress that can lead to heart problems, poor sleeping habits and more health issues down the road.

"Do they need to see a counselor? Do they need medication? Do they need to see me more often or what do we need to do?" Adnan asks.


Know your numbers, Adnan advised. Maintain a healthy weight and keep normal blood pressure close to 120 over 80. When it comes to cholesterol, she reminds women that "the higher the HDL, you are healthy and lower the LDL, you are healthy as well."


Vaccines aren't just for children. Women in their 30s should know the date of their last TDAP, which guards against tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis or whooping cough. It's also strongly suggested during pregnancy.

"Once it's done, you're good for 10 years and you'll only need a booster if something happens. You have a scratch or you're in an accident" Adnan explained.


On a side note, if you're in your 30s and thinking about freezing your eggs, you should do it now. Experts say the earlier you do it the better your chances are of producing more eggs.

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