ABC11 Together: 25 Random Acts of Kindness in December

ABC11 Together highlights the strength of the human spirit, good deeds, community needs, and how our viewers can help

Tuesday, November 29, 2016
ABC11 Together:25 Random Acts of Kindness starts Thursday
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Give back to the community for 25 days starting Dec. 1

ABC11 Together is partnering with a local blogger to encourage everyone to do 25 Days of Kindness this year starting December 1. It's a way for people to give back and encourage selflessness during the holidays.

You can share you act of kindness on social media using #TriKind25 and #ABC11. Here's a calendar for ideas from ABC11's local partner, Molly Stillman.

Click here or on the calendar for a larger view

Stillman is a life and style blogger who wanted to start this tradition with her family. She says Christmas is about giving to others and showing what it means to serve and love.

She writes for about fashion, beauty, parenting, and everything in-between. She focuses on brands that make a positive impact in the world.

"It's something that just fires me up," she said. "I love seeing people treated with kindness. I love seeing people treated with dignity and respect."

She's a mom of two little ones and believes she needs to start teaching them now to be generous and kind. Last Christmas, when her daughter Lilly was just 2 years old, she created a list of 24 acts of kindness they could do every day starting Dec. 1.

Here's some pictures of Lilly and her parents giving back.

Lilly putting kind notes on people car’s
Molly Stillman/

ABC11 will be updating this story with YOUR pictures as we get them.

Read more about Molly and Lilly's acts of kindness here.