Hillsborough man rewards friend who supplied him with winning lottery numbers

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Timothy Lingo figured his buddies could help him win a lottery jackpot -- and he was right.

Lingo asked five friends to share their lucky numbers. One of his friends' lucky numbers matched the numbers drawn for the Carolina Cash 5

"I said, 'Give me five numbers,'" he recalled. "He gives me four, so I texted him back and said, 'Learn to count, bozo. I need one more.' And he gave me a number and that was it."

Lingo was one of two winning tickets for the $390,814 Cash 5 jackpot. After splitting the jackpot and taking out taxes, Lingo went home with $138,254.

With his winnings he plans to buy his friend a new car.

"Because if it wasn't for his numbers, I'd still have zero," Lingo said.

Lingo lives in Hillsborough and has worked as an exterminator for 30 years.

He bought the winning ticket at the Sheetz on N.C. 86 in Hillsborough.

After he buys his friend a new car, he plans to pay off his home, save for the future and donate money to a youth camp where he volunteers.

"We could use some stuff at the youth camp, so I'll use a lot of it for that," Lingo said.
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