Three men rob 81-year-old woman


The home invasion happened at a house on Gainey Road.

The victim's sister, Louise Drauhon, says the family knows at least one of the people authorities are looking for.

"When she called me she was very upset," Drauhon said. "She was screaming and hollering and she says, 'Call Eddie, that's my son, I've just been robbed.'"

Authorities say, on Friday, three men forced their way into Kathleen Smith's home.

"And they kept right on trying to tear the door down," Drauhon said. "[One] says, 'Open the door, Miss Smith. [If you] don't, we gonna shoot you.' He said, 'We got a gun, we gonna shoot you.'"

The victim knows one of the suspects. She says he is 17-year-old Dustin Mantz. Officials say Mantz and another 300 pound suspect went into the house while a third man stayed in the car.

"They went to the bedroom... tore it all to pieces," Drauhon said. "Come back in there and says, 'We want your keys,'" Drauhon said.

Authorities say the men stole Smith's green Nissan pickup truck with North Carolina license plate FNS-9115.

Drauhon says the men left without harming Smith.

Other neighbors around Gainey Road believe they may have seen the suspects as well.

"If it's the boys I'm thinking about... stopped in and wanted to use the phone several times," neighbor Richard Trogdon said. "I wouldn't do it. And then they wanted to know about buying some of my land and obviously wasn't interested to begin with."

Authorities believe Mantz and the two other men are armed and dangerous. They also believe the men are still driving Smith's pickup truck in the area.

The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone with information about the robbery to call police.

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