Family's foreclosure struggle gets national attention


In fact, the latest numbers indicate about one of every 100 households in the United States, is on the verge of losing their home.

A local family has been in that predicament more than once. Their problem is being echoed across the country.

The Walker family moved into a Clayton cul-de-sac about three and a half years ago, but they bought their dream home with an adjustable rate mortgage.

Their interest rates began climbing every six months and they have been in and out of foreclosure twice.

"Oh my god it was hard, we choked every single month," Susan Walker said. "There's times the cable would get shut off, or the electricity would get shut off."

New numbers released today from one data tracking company shows foreclosures went up 75 percent across the nation last year; 66 percent in North Carolina.

The Walker's did not need to read the reports; they made them on ABC's World News.

Coincidentally, once ABC News got involved in the story, their lender –Homecoming Financial—worked out a new, fixed rate mortgage for the Walker's.

"It's almost $90 less than when we actually bought the place," Mike Walker said.

But good news for them does not mean millions of others will be as lucky. That reality will forever pain the Walker's.

"I feel lucky, but I feel bad, because I know what I was feeling 2 days ago," Walker said.

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