Flight school struggling at Raleigh Heliport


Silver State Helicopters, a Las Vegas-based flight training school, is a tenant at the heliport, which is located just inside I-440 near Capital Boulevard. The source tells Eyewitness News there is currently "no activity" at the flight school, and the school's continued operation in Raleigh is in question.

Silver State is a tenant at the Raleigh Heliport, and it is one of two business operations at the site. The Raleigh Heliport itself remains open for business as a landing site, launching pad and fueling station for private helicopters.

The school has come under increasing scrutiny in recent months. Raleigh City Council members have questioned whether the school should be allowed to operate, as it was not part of the proposal the city approved last year when giving the Raleigh Heliport the go-ahead to open in the first place.

Calls to Silver State's corporate headquarters in Las Vegas have not been returned.

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