York Elementary first graders talk love


First graders fill out sheets of blank coupons, coming up with creative valentines gifts. Not from a store -- from their hearts.

Student Lilly Chapel agrees to make her bed. While her classmate, Elizabeth Stavrakais says, "I will clean up my room. It's a mess!."

Ashley McCauley agrees to clean the cat's litter box.

But the students are not just agreeing to clean -- they also agree to cook.

Henry Lewis, who is 6 and 3/4 years old, says he can give a massage.

"I can give a head massage," Lewis said.

And another nice gift is letting dad play your video game.

Ethan Cohen says his dad wants to play his video game but he usually doesn't let him, so Cohen agrees to make an exception.

And while the youngsters may not have sweethearts yet, they do have a lot of valentines.

Carlos Hernandez says his mom is his valentines.

And for Modesti Fog, his grandmother is that special someone.

Elizabeth Stavrakais names several family members as her valentines -- her sisters and brother as well as her mom and dad.

And while not everyone thinks they know what love means, they know more than they realize.

When asked do you think you need to give a valentine? One students responded, "Yes, that's love. That means you love them."

And just as important as giving, the first graders are learning what to give.

"[Do] you think saying I love you is just as good as buying chocolates?" Barbara Gibbs asked. "Yes, that is very sweet," a student responded.

Sweet indeed. Sweeter than chocolate will ever be.

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