Does it work: Tater mitts

The commercial claims the Tater Mitts are innovative and that by simply rubbing the potatoes for 8 seconds it will produce a perfectly pealed potato.

Karie Daley agreed to try the gloves out to see if it's really that simple. The first thing she notices is they're very big and one size doesn't fit everyone. But, if the Tater Mitts help Karie Daley peel a potato in 8 seconds, she's all for it.

As soon as Karie puts on the mitts she said there were red flags, "I'm concerned because it doesn't say how these pebbles are on here. It might be clued on, it has to be clued on, and all you get is China and that's kind of an unpopular place to buy things."

The gloves have a rough texture to peel the skin off the potatoes. Before using the mitts you first have to boil the potatoes for 5 to 10 minutes.

After boiling the potatoes it was time for Karie try out the Tater Mitts. She read the instructions, "Peel them under cold running water and says you can peel under 8 seconds."

Now it's time to see if the Tater Mitts lives up to the claim. Karie said after a full minute she was disappointed with the results, "So you just scrub and it's not as easy as it looks." The finished product is a rough potato, with some skin still on it and Karie added, "Even though they do peel, a lot of these divots are hard to get off." She says peeling a potato the normal way is easier.

Then there's the difficult task of cleaning the Tater Mitts. Karie said, "I tried to scrub out all the skin and I ran it under the water for a long time." The potato skins get caught in the mitts and are very hard to get out. Karie added, "For a mom of these kids, I don't want to spend my time cleaning this."

So these tater mitts won't be staying in Karie's kitchen. We give the tater mitts thumbs down. While they will peel a potato, its takes longer than 8 seconds, is not hassle free and is very messy.

The Tater Mitts also cost $20.00, a lot more than an old-fashioned potato peeler.

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