Lenovo's X300 dubbed perfect laptop


Lenovo's X300 was designed at Research Triangle Park and is expected to give Apple's newest creation fierce competition.

"Starting weight of a configuration of 2.9 pounds," Lenovo Marketing Vice President Sam Dusi said. "Load it up with as many as 10 hours worth of battery life you get up into the 3.1, 3.2 pound weight class."

Lenovo designers say if there were ever a perfect PC this might be it.

"There is not a product on the market that offers everything that the X300 has today," Dusi said. "It's the perfect laptop today."

Techies expect the new ultra thin ThinkPad X300 to become the first major competitor to Apple's Macbook Air.

Planner and project leaders based at RTP designed a notebook thinner than a quarter, but powerful enough with between two and four gigs of memory to accommodate high road warrior mobility types.

"You can connect through what they call WIFI - we have that - you can connect through WAN or wireless area network, you can connect through ultra WI-Band," Dusi said.

Unlike the Macbook, the X300 is equipped with three USB's, an Ethernet port and an optical drive.

"It will become the future. You're looking at what will become - I'll consider it - mainstream computing. Products will follow this," Dusi added.

The X300 hits the market February 26 and will cost between $2,700 and $3,000.

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