Gunfire at Louisburg business, two dead


Louisburg police say Jerold O'Brien Lee, 26, walked into the Phelps Temporary Staffing Service and shot two women before turning the gun on himself.

Maurice Hock works at a store across the street from the scene of the shooting. Hock tells Eyewitness News he heard a gunshot around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, and ran over to the business. He saw a woman running away scramming, "I've been shot! I've been shot!" Hock explained. Hock says he found a man and a woman dead at the door of Phelps Temporary Staffing Service.

/*Louisburg*/ Police Chief Rick Lassiter says the apparent gunman and one woman was found dead at the scene. Family members tell Eyewitness News the woman that was killed was 22-year-old Amy Calamaco.

The second woman, Heather Marie Miller, 30, sustained a gunshot wound to the hip, but her injury was not considered life-threatening. Emergency workers transported Miller to Franklin Regional Hospital and then moved her to UNC Hospitals in /*Chapel Hill*/, Lassiter said. According to UNC Hospital, Miller is in fair condition.

Investigators believe Lee knew Calamaco but they're not sure how. They've seized his computer and her computer to determine if they had some type of on-line relationship.

Officials say Lee was from Woodson, Arkansas. Local authorities are currently working with authorities in Arkansas. According to Arkansas Department of Corrections, Lee was on probation in Garland County, Arkansas since 2006 for burglary. He was also arrested in Pulaski County in 2004.

Chief Lassiter said Lee had "Googled directions" to Calamaco's office. Another officer tells Eyewitness News that hand written directions to Louisburg were found in Lee's car. The car is now in the custody of the Louisburg Police Department.

Calamaco's aunt who shares the victim's name says the family doesn't know the suspect. "We're not really fully aware of who he was and why he came in and did what he did," Amy Calamaco told Eyewitness News. "We'll continue to have faith that she is where God wants her to be."

She's also asking the public for prayers and for financial support as they plan the 22 year old's funeral. A fund has been set up at House of Light Church of God. The address is 481 Hufford Harris Road, Spring Hope, NC 27882.

Chief Lassiter says autopsies will begin Wednesday morning and he's expecting to have a lot more information about the investigation by then.

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