Apartment fire displaces Raleigh residents


There is not much left of the apartments gutted by fire Saturday night. I-witness pictures show flames lighting up the sky.

The man who captured the images also led Jane McDonald to safety. Eyewitness News cameras caught their happy reunion on Sunday morning.

"You were so sweet! I appreciate it!" she said to her neighbor, Benjamin Martin who replied,"yeah, i just wanted to make sure you were all right!"

"I'm fine. As good as i can be!" she told him with a smile.

He saw her watch the fire, from her first floor apartment. "I didn't have time to think! " she told Eyewitness News. "I walked out the door and saw the fire. Boy!" kind of scary? "it was bad!"

So bad, she told Benjamin Martin she needed to go inside and put on some shoes before walking away. But Martin said, "As i went in to help her get her shoes, her wall was browning. I thought, 'no time for shoes,' we walked her back out."

That's where neighbors like Bill Rogers waited, after hearing frantic knocks on their front doors from rescuers.

"That whole building could have been burned down." said Rogers. I asked, "But nobody's hurt?" "No! " said Rogers. "I think they said one cat was lost."

The cat's named Annabelle. We got that from her owner, who didn't want to appear on camera. But we know that Annabelle is mostly white with lots of fur, in case you see her running around here someplace.

Now the /*Red Cross*/ and relatives, are helping about 10 people who have been displaced.

McDonald said proudly, "Oh yeah, my wonderful granddaughter and daughter in law. We have good accommodations, thank you!"

Rogers, who says he has no renter's insurance, will return after the cleanup crews finish working on the gutted apartments.

Officials say the fire started in a trash can on a deck. They've ruled the fire an accident.

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