Fort Bragg soldier shot, robbed


Specialist Sergio Sanchez was shot in the neck behind a /*Fayetteville*/ nightclub.

Military leaders believe Sanchez and three of his friends went to /*Sharky's Cabaret*/ Friday night to have a good time. Sanchez was the designated driver.

"He was doing absolutely the right thing, being a buddy and taking care of his friends. And he stepped outside to make a phone call and from what we understand that's when he was attacked," Fort Bragg Spokesman, Maj. Tom Earnhardt said.

Investigators say the shooting happened just before 3 a.m. Saturday morning on /*Bragg Boulevard*/.

Authorities say Sanchez left the club and was headed down Blue Street towards Washington Drive. Investigators say he was not the original target of the attackers.

"He was walking down the street to his car; it's the street behind the business. These other individuals were already on the street and apparently the robbery was taking place at that time, as he was walking up. And the suspects turned around and tried to rob him and shoot him," Police Spokesperson, Jamie Smith said.

Sanchez is a computer systems repair technician for the military. He was deployed to Iraq for 15 months with the 407th /*Brigade Combat Team*/, and returned last month.

Military leaders say Sanchez is an outstanding soldier and that they are outraged that a paratrooper who put his life on the line and survived a tour in combat has been shot at home.

"Our indication is that his situation is pretty grave. And we're just staying in communications with the medical professionals that are taking care of him and we're monitoring his condition as it evolves," Earnhardt said.

Sanchez is from Anniston, Alabama. Eyewitness News has learned his mother and father are at his bedside at a Chapel Hill hospital.

Police are asking anyone with information about this shooting to give them a call.

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