Bicyclist struck, killed in Raleigh


The victim, 60-year-old Nancy Leidy of Raleigh, was pronounced died at Wake Med around 9 p.m.

The crash happened just before 11 a.m. Police administered a sobriety test to Brian Reid, who is accused of hitting Leidy.

Police say the student, who turned 21 today, was drunk.

Reid appeared in court Wednesday and a magistrate charged him with /*DWI*/ and revoked his license for 30 days. He was also booked for blowing a .12 and charged with serious injury by vehicle, which is a felony. He is also charged with failure to reduce speed.

Reid told the judge he was not employed and is a student at /*NCSU*/.

He spent much of it behind bars while his father posted his $10,000 bail.

If Reid's charges are upgraded, he will be re-arrested. He is expected to be in court Thursday morning.

Police say Leidy did everything correct --she was wearing her helmet, but her injuries were just too much.

Leidy's neighbor, Larry Denny, says he has known Leidy and her husband for years. Avid cyclists --he says her husband was mountain biking elsewhere, while Leidy was riding near NC State.

"They both used to work over there so they felt like it was always safe so she'd go over sometimes in the morning and ride and uh, who would've thought," Denny said. "I think it's tragic all the way down. I don't think the guy is a bad guy I think he made a decision, a decision that's going to cost him. You kind of pray for two people."

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