Woman shot during gun battle


A bullet is lodged in Ernestine Holley's leg and the shooter is still on the loose.

From her bed she told Eyewitness News that it all started when she was washing her car in her driveway.

"I was drying off the hood when I heard gunshots I said, 'hmm, sound like they were getting closer and closer'," Holley said.

"Lord please don't let them shoot me in the head," Holley said.

That is the plea Holley said she made before she felt a sharp pain in her leg as she tried to run away.

"By that time I turned and I felt something hit my back leg and I fell to the ground and I crawled outside my car driver side I tried to cover my head," she said. "I looked down at my leg and blood was gushing out."

Her neighbors' frantically tried to help her. One neighbor called police; another wrapped her leg in a cloth, while one neighbor tried to stop the blood from gushing out before ambulance workers arrived.

Holley says she has worked hard to purchase her new home three years ago, and is now working hard to cope with what's happened.

"I was crying earlier today, just sitting in my chair crying I know I'm the only one that my children have and if I'm not able to do things then that's just sad," she said.

Holley says she is not scared.

She says it's the first time anything like this has happened in her neighborhood.

However, one of her neighbors a few houses down Ricardo Mangum is scared and angry as he relives the shots that nearly took out his son.

"I said, 'Ricky he is going fast'. Guy in a green Altima came around shooting just like in wild wild west," Mangum said.

Trying to avoid the hail of gunfire --a rolling gun battle between two cars—he says he fell to the ground.

"I just dove on the ground simple instinct; I dove on the ground and scarred up my arm in the process of diving," he said.

Mangum served in Vietnam and says he felt like he was reliving his war days.

"If I have to live like I am in Nam, I might as well be prepared like I'm in Nam," he said. "I am going to leave my van parked there that's my barrier, my perimeter, my sandbags."

And he says he hopes police do their job and get the gangs off his street.

"I'm telling you if I have to live like this I'd rather be dead," he said.

The homeowners in the neighborhood are kicking their neighborhood watch into full effect. Neighbors say they are hardworking pay their mortgages and will not stand for this type of thing in their neighborhood.

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