Poll: McCain beats Obama in N.C.

RALEIGH In a vote for president Republican John McCain defeats Democrat Barack Obama with McCain with 51% of the vote and Obama with 43%, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted exclusively for ABC11 WTVD-TV. But, if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, Clinton defeats McCain. With Clinton on the ballot, the Democrats carry the state, 49% to 43%.

Against Obama, among men, McCain leads by 14 points; among women, McCain leads by 1. Obama wins the youngest voters by 10 points; McCain wins voters 35+. McCain takes 63% of the white vote; Obama takes 89% of the black vote. 28% of Democrats cross over to vote for McCain.

Against Clinton, among men, McCain leads Clinton by 10 points; among women, Clinton leads McCain by 19 -- a 29 point gender gap. Clinton leads among voters under 65; McCain leads among those 65+. 17% of Democrats cross over to vote for McCain.

51% McCain (R)
43% Obama (D)

Hagan on Dole's trail for the senate seat

Incumbent Republican Elizabeth Dole narrowly edges Democrat Kay Hagan, 50% to 46%, according to our exclusive SurveyUSA poll.

Among white voters, Dole leads by 24; among blacks, Hagan leads by 66. Blacks make-up 20% of the electorate in SurveyUSA's turnout model. If blacks vote in larger numbers, the contest is closer.

In greater Charlotte, Dole leads, elsewhere, the contest is effectively tied. Among men, Dole leads by 13; among women, Hagan leads by three, a 16-point gender gap. Among voters age 18 to 49, Dole leads by 13; among voters 50+, Hagan leads by five.

One in four Democrats at this point cross over to vote for Dole, who is running for her second term. Hagan is serving her fifth term in the North Carolina State Senate.

50% Elizabeth Dole (R)
46% Kay Hagan (D)

Perdue has early lead in race for governor

Lieutenant Governor Beverly Perdue leads Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory by 7 points in the North Carolina gubernatorial race. Right now it's Perdue with 52%, and McCrory with 45%.

Among men, McCrory leads by 4; among women, Perdue leads by 18. Among whites, McCrory leads by 11; among blacks, Perdue leads by 73. 21% of Republicans cross over to vote for Perdue; 23% of Democrats cross over to vote for McCrory.

Among Republicans, Perdue leads by 8. McCrory leads by 10 points in Charlotte and the western portion of the state; Perdue leads by 14 in Raleigh and Greensboro, and by 27 points in southern and coastal Carolina.

45% Pat McCrory (R)
52% Beverly Perdue (D)
4% Undecided

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