Consumers resort to pawn shops for gas money


At a Raleigh pawn shop, workers are busy. Consumers bring in televisions, stereo and music equipment, all for the mighty dollar. "A lot of people selling old broken jewelry can't use anymore," said Bill Dawson of Carolina Jewelry & Pawn. Even gold teeth are worth a pretty penny. Nine-hundred dollars an ounce, that's roughly three handfuls of gold crowns. "Weakness in the dollar, high price petroleum effect the cost of gold, push prince gold up," Dawson said. Consignment shops are also cashing in. People are taking the clothes off the rack. It's a win situation for local shops. "We normally book out 1week to two weeks for appointments," said Carol King, owner of Around Again consignments. "We're booked 5 to 6 weeks." The economy is even hurting criminals. Crime stoppers has seen a nationwide increase in tips. It's out with the no snitching policy and in with cash for clues. You can earn up to $1200 if your tips lead to a felony conviction.

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