Murder woman's husband speaks out


Tim Rohrbach sat down with Eyewitness News Reporter Greg Barnes Wednesday --a day after Sallie's body was found in a wooded areas south of charlotte in South Carolina.

"I don't know that anybody can deal with this type of torture," Tim said. He reveals he lives in a part of hell, between disbelief and reality.

"Part of me still expects her, but the other part knows she will never walk through that door again," Tim said.

The cause of Sallie's death remains unclear even after an autopsy. A statement from the Mecklenburg County medical examiner's office said that the slain state insurance investigator died from "homicide of undetermined means." No further details were available.

Tim admits he does not know, and has not asked about the grim details of his wife's death.

Prosecutors have charged insurance agency owner Michael Howell with first-degree murder in Sallie's death.

She was an investigator with the state Insurance Department who was reviewing the books at Howell's business when she disappeared.

Authorities have said Rohrbach's slaying was connected to her duties as an auditor.

Tim says he and Sallie did not discuss her ongoing investigations. And says he wants to remember how she lived, not died.

"She was kind to everybody and everything, people, animals, plants everything. She just loved life, she loved everything that was alive, she loved her own life," he said.

Married 24 years, Tim says Sallie loved to travel. Their last trip six months ago was to the Middle East. He says she loved god, and loved and cared for any stray animal. She loved to bake --especially for friends and neighbors.

"This lady across the street came and told me last night, that she really thought that Sallie was an Angel," Tim added.

The couple lived in the Harnett County countryside. Tim says he and Sallie spent a lot of time outside working on their yard, restoring their home. He says it was her passion and dream. A dream he vows to complete for her.

"Sallie was a great woman, very kind woman who looked out for others, more than she looked out for herself," he said.

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