Services held for Sallie Rohrbach


/*Rohrbach*/ was found dead in a wooded area near /*Charlotte*/ last week.

Authorities say the /*Angier*/ woman disappeared while investigating an insurance business.

She is being laid to rest at /*Raleigh Memorial Park*/.

A handful that knew her best stood to share their fondest memories. Insurance agent and friend, James Harris Jr., spoke of his last visit with her, just last week when Rohrbach asked if he could sense the Lord's coming was near.

"She said I can sense that and I feel like it's near and I shared that with her and I told her too that I felt the same way, not knowing four days later that the Lord came and took her home with him," Harris said.

Meanwhile, 40-year-old /*Michael Howell*/, the Charlotte insurance agent charged with her murder, remains behind bars.

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