Adopted child testifies about Paddock's rules

SMITHFIELD Tamara Paddock took the witness stand and described how her adopted mother completely controlled the lives of seven children inside a secluded farm house. "The only friends we were allowed to have was family," Tamara said.

Before the death of four-year-old Sean Paddock in February 2006, the children were home schooled. Tamara said they rarely studied. "Once in a while, we'd pull out a math lesson. But that was about it."

Tamara said Lynn Paddock never smiled and made the children sit starring at a wall for five hours at a time. She said Lynn beat one of her adopted children almost every day, sometimes retraining them with duct tape. "It got to a point where somebody was getting beat every day," Tamara explained on the witness stand.

Lynn Paddock, 47, is charged with first degree murder and child abuse charges in the death of Sean Paddock. He was found so tightly wrapped in blankets, he suffocated.

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