Popular Raleigh museum closed

RALEIGH, NC A big disappointed to dozens of visitors who showed up to find the doors locked.

Lorie Clark drove from Virginia to find the doors closed. "It's not closed, is it? Totally closed?" Clark exclaimed. "You're kidding! I didn't know that. Oh no!"

Clark is one of several potential visitors turned away Wednesday morning. The museum's cleaning up a sprinkler leak that started last night near a butterfly exhibit. "The 4th floor has some water damage. The Scrolls exhibit is fine. It is not damaged at all," museum spokesperson Emelia Cowans said.

The Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit is the reason why many people are visiting the museum. Some of the day-tripping visitors can't wait until the museum re-opens Thursday.

Judy Fox drove six hours to see the exhibit. "No, we'll be leaving tonight, to go back to Burnesville. If we can get a chance we'll be back, but right now, no," she said.

The Dead Sea Scrolls will be on display at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences until the end of this year.

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