More revealed in internet porn investigation


Search warrants contain information about how the child met the 21-year-old former porn star on MySpace. The two agreed to meet in person, went to dinner and then went back to the Cary man's apartment.

According to the warrants, the 12-year-old went missing from Sanford and later told police he met a 21-year-old online.

The man picked up the child and took him to his apartment. The boy told police he woke up to the man "sucking on his neck." A medical exam confirmed hickeys on the boy's body and a foreign pubic hair in his shorts.

The man told police he's "into porn" and makes his living masturbating over Internet Web cams. Police seized cameras, computer drives and a DVD.

Despite the evidence, no charges have been filed.

"We are still looking at all aspects of it to determine what the most appropriate charges would be," a Cary Police Department spokesperson said.

There could be unrelated charges for an Internet sex operation run from the same apartment.

"Through our investigation, we did learn there is some other activity in there that we are concerned about," Cary Police said.

Two male roommates masturbating for money on the Internet via a Web cam is not a crime.

In situations involving cameras and the Internet police say there is heightened concern because of child predators. They say they are especially concerned with children are involved opposed just adults.

That's why detectives want to know what role, if any, minors play in the Cary Web cam business. They also want to know what else may have happened between the 12-year-old and the 21-year-old, who portrays himself as an 18-year-old online.

Police also seized a hard drive that belongs to the man's roommate. Detectives made the decision after overhearing a speakerphone conversation where the roommate said if they find his hard drive, he will be in trouble.

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