Authorities crack down on school zone speeders


Two weeks from now, more than 50,000 students are heading back to /*Cumberland County*/ schools but community leaders aren't waiting to get the word out to slow down in school zones.

"My first year as principal I got the news the first day," /*Ben Martin Elementary School*/ Principal Crystal Brown said. "Actually, it was the day before winter break that we had lost one of the students due to a accident. And it was due to a person who was speeding. And it took his life and the life of two others."

Brown is referring to Joshua Griffin. Police say he was killed two years ago by a speeder on Reilly Road.

Tuesday in front of the school, community leaders, law enforcement and parents gathered to remind people to kill speed before it kills you.

"I love the support," parent Elizabeth Columbo. "I think it's great. We high-five the police last year all the time for doing it. The kids like it now too. It's not only made adults more aware [but] their kids are also more speed conscious. Even driving down the road. 'Momma you are you going the speed limit? Momma are you speeding?'"

Traffic has been so bad outside of Ben Martin Elementary School parents decided to take matters into their own hands. They made signs and stood beside the road and demanded motorists slow down.

"You're not going to get there any faster by speeding," parent Becky Lemings said. "The only thing you're going to succeed in doing is possibly killing yourself or taking some innocent bystander with you. Which is what happened with Joshua."

Police say it doesn't matter how many tickets they hand out. Ultimately, it's up to motorists to be aware of the school zones and make a conscious effort to obey the law and slow down.

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