Vandals target cars in Garner neighborhood

She says her Staunton Meadows neighborhood is quiet and nothing like this has ever happened.

In addition to the broken glass under the tire and broken window, which she covered up with plastic, her car is just one of 11 vehicles vandalized. Eyewitness News pulled up while a SUV was being towed.

The dark tinted windows still have pellet holes. Police say in a span of 45 minutes, between 9:30 and 10:15 last night, suspects drove around two Garner neighborhoods using a BB gun to randomly shoot out windows.

One neighbor says it could have been him, "I think it's pretty messed up man," the neighbor said. "I live right here, over here in this house. I hate for somebody to vandalize. I got a pregnant wife at home. I'm pretty pissed off."

Now, those who were vandalized were left cleaning up the mess.

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