Truck crash causes power outages


Due to the power outage, both Youngsville Elementary and Royal Elementary schoos in Franklin County are released students early, at 11:45 a.m. Tuesday due to the power outage.

A Dollar General tractor-trailor truck slammed into the Johnson Farmer's Market restaurant in Franklin County Tuesday morning. On its way into the restaurant, the tractor-trailor knocked-out two power poles which is what caused the schools to lose power.

Witnesses described hearing what sounded like a tornado or an explosion.

"We were in the kitchen and we heard a big boom sounded like a tornado," Carol Young, a Johnson's Farmer's Market Restaurant employee, said. "You turn around and everything is blowing, it's something like you never heard before."

Six employees were inside the kitchen around 8 a.m., when the crash happened.

Young had just gone to the back of the restaurant to make a call.

"It was just God's' will that no one was in there everybody was lucky," Young said.

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