Troubleshooter: Long hot summer

FAYETTEVILLE She says she's been without a working home air conditioner unit since spring. She tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "I was awful. I was miserable."

She has a home warranty through American Home Shield and she says a technician was sent out to look at the unit. She adds, "They started taking the unit out and then stopped as they said they didn't have approval to do the work."

So Lisa waited for American Home Shield to approve the work. But Lisa says AHS didn't approve the work instead she says, "They said they would not pay for everything. They would have to send me a check. I would have to take the cash out option which left me with nothing, as the unit is halfway pulled out, and no air no heat, no nothing."

Lisa used ceiling fans and window units to keep cool. She also says she heard nothing from American Home Shield. She adds, "I kept calling in and said if you're going to send me cash how much? When are you going to send it and they never even called me back." So Lisa turned to Troubleshooter Diane Wilson.

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson got in touch with AHS and Lisa got some cool news. She says, "AHS contacted me immediately and they said they would pay for everything." Lisa is sitting cool now as she has a whole new working unit and she's very happy with the response from AHS.

In a statement a rep for American Home Shield added this: American Home Shield is committed to providing quality customer service. Ms. Williams' recent experience was not representative of the normal AHS customer experience and we sincerely regret the delays in service she experienced.

As a result, AHS covered 100% of the expense related to the replacement and installation of her new furnace and evaporative coil, including $1,200 toward items that would not normally have been covered under the terms of her warranty.

The company also reimbursed Ms. Williams for her trade service fee and AC window units, used to cool the home in the interim. Ms. Williams has confirmed that she is pleased with the outcome.

As part of the company's business model, AHS contracts with local trade professionals to handle our customers' service requests. AHS prides itself in providing reliable service from pre-screened, insured contractors. Our contractors are consistently monitored and rated through our customer-satisfaction surveys.

Customers are surveyed upon the completion of service work orders and their feedback plays a significant role in our contractor rating system. We appreciate Ms. Williams' feedback in this situation and will use it in consideration for future rating.

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