Authorities call husband person of interest

GRANVILLE Kelly Currin Morris, 28, went missing from her home the same day it was burned down. A massive search to find her is still underway.

More than a 120 volunteers and search team members spent Saturday looking for Morris.

The mother of two disappeared from her home last week --someone set her home on fire the same day.

After a week of questions the sheriff has named her husband, Scott Morris, as a person of interest.

"The rescue is covering city streets, its covering dirt roads, it's covering trails and paths," Gus Gillespie with Granville County said.

Officials stepped up today's search with four K-9 units.

"There's also a full scale ATV, horseback, and foot search. The original plan was a two mile radius of Ms. Morris' home and that will probably extend a little passed two miles to a 2-3 mile radius today," Gillespie said.

"From the moment I heard what was going on, I knew I needed to be wherever they needed me," volunteer Cathy Sebastian said.

"I went to school with Kelly and we live right down Tump Wilkins road so it was very close to home," volunteer Ginger Dunn added.

Many of the volunteers are searching for the first time, but even the sheriff admits the future gets dimmer with each passing day.

Morris' car was found last week less than a mile from her home --her purse, keys, and cell phone locked inside.

"If something has happened to her, just to be able to find her to give the family some peace, that would be the main thing," Dunn said.

"I'm pretty sure we'll find her. If we keep looking we'll find her. I hope she's alright and I hope she's alive but I don't think she is," volunteer Michael Dunn said.

Granville County authorities have completely called off their search for Morris, but friends and family say they will likely continue to search on their own.

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