Father speaks out about missing daughter

STEM The Morris family is pleading for help from hunters in the area. They hope special cameras could turn-up new clues.

"We know the hunters are in the woods now. We would ask if they could take a couple extra minutes either going in or coming out if there is an old home place that is different than last year if you just take a couple extra minutes to look," Morris' father Pat Currin said.

This is the first time he has spoken publicly. Currin says he is grateful for the help from volunteers, but now he is pleading with the public to take an extra few minutes to help him find his daughter.

"We're asking for help from the public anyone who can help us find Kelly," Currin said. "The four wheeler ATV's in the woods, the land owners if you have a piece of property you haven't checked lately at least look and see if there is something odd or different."

It is a desperate effort to find his daughter --who has been missing for three weeks, the same day her home in Stem mysteriously caught fire and her car turned up down the road with her purse, keys, and cell phone locked inside.

Friends say Morris and her husband, Scott Morris, were in a troubled marriage. According to her family, it had reached its breaking point. But Currin says she would never abandon her girls.

Kelly would have never left her two kids there is no doubt in my mind of that," he said.

Investigators have named Morris' husband as a person of interest in the fire and his wife's disappearance.

Authorities called off the official search for Morris last week, but volunteers searched Saturday and Sunday on their own --hiring a private canine team to track Morris' scent.

They will continue the search this weekend from Currin's construction business at the corner of Old Weaver Trail and Highway 50 in Creedmoor.

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