Decision may be a while in Cooper custody battle


/*Eyewitness News*/ has learned that some evidence brought up at last week's hearing -- evidence like video and audio recordings of Web camera calls between /*Brad Cooper*/ and his children -- may still need to be copied and made available.

Even then the legal process of issuing a ruling with details both sides have hashed out could take days. That may be why the judge in the case has allowed the Cooper children to return to Canada with /*Nancy Cooper*/'s identical twin sister, Krista Lister.

Lister and her parents were originally given emergency temporary custody of the Cooper girls right after Nancy Cooper's body was found dumped at a residential construction site near Cooper's home in Cary in mid-July.

Their attorney, Alice Stubbs, tells Eyewitness News, "The Rentz and Lister families have returned to Canada with Bella and Katie until a ruling is made. The existing consent order will remain in effect until the court enters a new temporary custody order." Nancy Cooper's husband, Brad, is trying to get his children back.

Last week, Judge Debra Sasser heard arguments from both side about who should have longer-term temporary custody of Bella, age 4, and Katie, age 2. But she did not immediately rule on the case and now it appears that ruling may not come Monday or Tuesday. Although Brad Cooper has not been named as a suspect in his wife's murder, court records indicate police are focusing their investigation on him.

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